National Guard


Today the Alaska National Guard members (Pictured from left to right: Tech Sgt. Blossi Shoogukwruk, Spc. Israa Kako, Sgt. Dempsey Woods, and Staff Sgt. Wanda Solomon) from both the Army and Air Force visited with our students at MLO. 

During this visit, our students learned about the various jobs that are offered in the military and what it takes to become those professionals. Some of the areas that were discussed were Process Technology, Pilot School, and Mechanics. The kiddos also learned about the benefits of joining the military including college, traveling, and financial assistance when making large purchases in the future. The guardsmen (and women) also stressed the importance of building their educational foundation, now. Education is important!

Possibly one of most impactful stories and lessons that was told was the importance of your "Battle Buddies" and "Wingmen". Students were told of how the military and friends that they would make become a family, and that no matter what happens, they will always have each others' backs. I think it was very clear to everyone in the room how much these people mean to one another and the bond that they share. 

We are all so very grateful for the assistance and energy that they brought to the community and  I think a giant "QUYANA!" is in order. They mentioned a community bonfire on the beach tonight, behind the church, since they are leaving us tomorrow and as Sgt. Solomon said, "Come join us for a Going Away Party!" Please join us in saying "Quyana and Goodbye" to these amazing men and women, who we wish all the best!