Tuesday, September 27, 2022

As we mentioned in our article, "National Guard Visits MLO", there was a community bonfire hosted by the National Guard. This event was pretty amazing and really brought people together. 

There were smores (both with Hershey's and with Reese's), "Fire Meat" - which was a big hit with the adults, many laughs, and an overall feeling of gratitude towards the men and women who helped us so much while they were here. 

Kaylee, a student at MLO, even said, "It was good to be around the people who helped our community a lot. It was a lot of fun too, I was and still am very thankful for how much they helped our community." Many kiddos were present at the bonfire and everyone had a great time! 

Again, I think all of Golovin agrees that a huge "Quyana" goes out to the men and women of the National Guard who hung out with us and helped our community in such an amazing way!